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Australian ISO certification badges

AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015, Quality Management Systems
AS/NZS ISO 14001:2015, Environmental Management System
AS/NZS ISO 4801:2001, Occupational Health & Safety Management System

At FAST we take the responsibility of reducing our impact on health and the environment very seriously. We see sustainability as a key factor in the future of our industry. It is essential to our core business to maintain health and hygiene standards and protect our shared future. We have adopted cleaning habits and methods that we can continue to use indefinitely, without worry that our efforts will negatively affect one’s health or that of the environment.

Good environmental practice is good business which is why all staff employed by FAST receive extensive training and development in the company’s environmental system.

FAST is CM3 certified and accredited with the following third-party accredited management systems to ensure we consistently achieve high standards.


Cleaning Practices

Green Cleaning and Environmental Sustainability is not just about the use of chemicals. It is about a combination of safety, economic, equipment and procedural components.

  • Safety for building occupants; improved comfort, health, air-quality & safety.

  • Safety for cleaning staff; correct training on chemical handling & storage equipment usage.

  • Safety for the environment (to create minimal pollution); enhance & protect ecosystems, improve air & water quality. Reduction of solid waste. Conservation of natural resources.

  • Economic; reduce operating costs, enhance asset value & profit, improve employee productivity and satisfaction.

  • Equipment: Vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters, auto Scrubbers equipped with variable speed pumps and environmentally preferable batteries (gel batteries), micro-fibre cloths & mops, recycled containers, buckets, carts, mats.

  • Procedures, Policies and Documentation. A Performance Management Database, scheduled quality control inspections, employee training & workload planning.

  • Products: White Magic blocks and pads are used extensively, thereby reducing harmful chemicals as well as saving on water.

  • Disposables: Making sure that rubbish is placed in the correct category bins for recycling and sorting.

sustainable ICON

Planet friendly

and Highly effective commercial chemicals

  • Organic and sustainable - Our chemical suppliers are committed to creating high-quality products that are safe for the environment and your health. Furthermore, they only use recycled packaging and high concentrations of plant extracts, citrus oils, and vinegars. These natural ingredients don’t pollute the air or waterways and are safe for pets and children.​

  • Powerful & effective - We’ve built our reputation as providers of eco cleaning services for businesses and families so all the products we use are safe and eliminate dirt -first time. We rigorously test the cleansing and disinfecting formulas of every product we use, so they’re organic yet tough; natural, and 100% chemical free.​

  • Non-Toxic - Our plant-based cleaning agents never expose your family, pets, home or business to harmful chemicals or fumes. Our products don’t contain toxins, pollutants, or suspected carcinogens such as VOCs, solvents, chlorine, ammonia, sulphates, or irritating dyes and perfumes. When available, unscented formulas are used: they are ideal for people with asthma, allergies, and skin or respiratory sensitivities.​

  • Planet friendly - We are doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint, which is why all the products we use are made from 100% recyclable materials. They contain organic cleaning agents, are devoid of harmful chemicals, and are 100% biodegradable. Our product manufacturers do not perform any testing on animals, nor use animal by-products, so they’re clean for the planet – and clean for your home or office.

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