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In order to support the community during the COVID 19 pandemic; we are offering a relief package in which 3 months strata payments can be deferred immediately from the start of any new contract with NO INTEREST ! This includes but not limited to strata cleaning, Gardening, Building Management and Caretaking.*


Simply fill in the form at the end of this page and we will contact you immediately during business hours.

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What's the 


Due to Covid-19, environmental cleaning and disinfecting services are at its peak. These are unprecedented times, and the world as we know it has changed. Our first and foremost priority is to stop the spread of the virus and keep lives safe. That’s why it’s imperative that the management of cleaning and disinfecting must be enhanced.

Some facts


Rubbish has increased 30%-40% each week as more people are working from home.


An increase in rubbish left near rubbish chutes as people are reluctant to touch the handles. This leads to an influx of maggots.


The gloves that people are using to press lift buttons are being discarded on the floor of carparks. This is more waste which could be contaminated. 

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A bit about us

FFS drive is to deliver superior cleaning and related services, ensuring a clean environment where everyone can pursue their daily routine without disruption from our team. We have the proven “know-how” in cleaning facilities to successfully fulfil all your requirements. 

FFS has strong performance in delivering outstanding integrated solutions to a wide range of clients in diverse industries, including cleaning, gardening, building management waste and consumables. We strive for excellence and will, without hesitation, dedicate expert resources and time to the clients’ sites wholeheartedly.

To ensure the client receives the best, we carefully select and engage our workforce as direct employees, all of whom undergo Police and Working with Children checks. Our ISO certified accredited management systems set out the requirements for managing the impact of our operations. We are big enough to provide, small enough to care. 

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*3 year secured contract based on FFS performance (T&C’s apply)

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